There are several reasons why people opt for artificial grass in their landscaped spaces. Sometimes the climate does not allow for a growth of esthetically pleasing grass or the maintenance required is intensive. However, it would be wrong to assume that synthetic surfaces don’t need any maintenance. It is advisable to rinse it occasionally and remove any debris that can actually damage the surface. The artificial blades have a tendency to fall, so running a broom with hard bristles over it can help the blades stay upright.

Key Takeaways:

  • Real lawn requires mowing, weeding, raking and more to keep it at its best. Synthetic turf is far more cost-effective, due to its minimal maintenance.
  • With synthetic grass, a boggy lawn never happens. Part of the installation includes a cutting-edge drainage system that immediately offloads excess rain water.
  • Detritus removal is far easier on your synthetic turf. Also, you only need to occasionally hose it off.

“Save precious time and money on unnecessary maintenance tasks and enjoy the season with your family.”

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