Summer time is when we start spending more time outdoors, socializing with our friends and family in our backyards and porches. For backyards that aim to look appealing to social gatherings, consider adding a small, functional pond. It can be a center point of your garden, and if designed properly, can greatly complement your house. Some ponds can be made to look like mini streams, adding a dynamic element to your environment. If the size of the pond is sufficient, you may even consider bridging the water.

Key Takeaways:

  • A pond provides a beautiful focal point, and adding a gazebo creates an idyllic setting.
  • A pond can become more of a meandering stream with two sides of a yard connected with a small bridge.
  • A rectangular swimming pool or a rocky waterfall can each work alongside a pond.

“Maybe you’re thinking of overhauling your entire backyard and installing a prominent water fixture.”

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