Understanding retaining wall construction is pretty important because it has an affect on your property due to it’s protection. A retaining wall does many things but the primary purpose is simple to keep the earth from spilling off a slope or being destroyed due to heavy rain. A retaining wall has a few different parts including the support, the foundation, drainage and backfill. Having your retaining wall properly engineered with a solid foundation made of heavy duty materials is key to it lasting long.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wall support can come from step-back construction, cantilevered design, “dead men” anchors or other means.
  • Because they don’t retain water, gravel and sand are better than soil for backfill.
  • The foundation depends on the size of the wall, with concrete poured deep for larger ones.

“While retaining walls are primarily used to hold back soil, they can also be engineered to create tiered gardens on a sloped area of your yard.”

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