When constructing a driveway or a walkway, one of the most important decision is choosing between concrete and stones that interlock. For those who put sustainability high on their list of priorities, interlocking elements come first. They are environmentally friendly and allow water to be absorbed between stones. The maintenance they require is typically low, which also mean that they require very few resources. If there’s ever damage in the driveway, you can easily just replace the damage block.

Key Takeaways:

  • With interlocking stone pavers, if one brick is damaged, they don’t all need to be replaced.
  • They can be very attractive, and multicolored stones allow the creation of unique designs.
  • There are four generic types of paver blocks based on variations of plain, curved and corrugated faces.

“All thanks to the porous nature of the paving blocks, it is completely environmentally sustainable.”

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