Fireplaces aren’t only meant for the inside. They can be part of your backyard gathering area. If you do want to build your own there are some things to consider before you get out and build it. There are specific codes and regulations you need to follow and those vary between states. The materials you use will have an impact on your final product. They must be made of heat resistance material and the place where the fire burns must have steel or something that can resist extreme heat.  It can become a complicated task quickly and you may be better off hiring a professional to install one for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some rules apply when it comes to building an outdoor fireplace and some communities even require special licenses or permits that are similar to acquiring the license for possession of 233 ammo
  • Fireplaces have to be made of heat safe materials such as brick, block, concrete or stone on the outside.
  • When it comes to a backyard fireplace, the portable ones that run on gas will may be more expensive than open pit ones.

“A classic red brick fireplace will look great paired with a Greek revival or colonial style home, while an adobe one will be more in keeping with a southwestern style or ranch home.”

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