This is a decorative segmented block retaining wall which we designed and installed in order to build up a sloping yard creating a usable space for the children’s playground.  We see this type of landscaping needs in many Greensboro homes where people are not getting the most out of their yards because of hills, valleys and wooded areas as seen in these pictures.  The end result is a beautiful space the kids and adults can enjoy for years to come and increase the resale value of their homes.

These segmented retaining walls are fortified with a locking pin system that connects each block with the one below it.  This insures wall stability and prevents structural failure.

Retaining walls are custom designed to your needs.  It starts with a free consultation at your home where we take measurements and discuss your goals.  Often times we can save you money by offering alternative materials for your retaining wall as well as alternate retaining wall designs.

Pro Earth Landscaping Natural Stone Retaining Wall.  This is an example of a dry stack natural stone retaining wall.  In this case the home owner wanted to create natural planting beds in the front of their home on both sides of their patio/porch increasing their curb appeal. This is a very popular retaining wall as it gives a real natural look and feel.  Please allow us to come give you a bid on your natural retaining wall and block retaining wall for your home.

Pro Earth Landscaping Natural Stone Retaining Wall