Garden lights powered by solar energy have evolved significantly since they first came to the market. Initially, the light they emitted was quite insufficient and the charge hold was inadequate. As the battery technology improved, sun powered lights can be quite adequate replacement to electric lighting. They work equally well in combination with motion detection sensor. One main advantageous application is in the vicinity of pool, because lack of wired means there’s no electricity shock risk. Modern lights are constructed for prolonged use and can withstand weather elements quite well.

Key Takeaways:

  • Motion sensors allow for LED bulbs to turn on and stay on for up to 30 seconds as long as the motion is detected within 50 feet.
  • Solar path lights are great for lighting up near a sidewalk or a driveway because they are weatherproof.
  • Solar lights are also engineered to turn on and off automatically and the battery is capable of powering the lights for up to 10 hours.

“Solar panels collect sunlight and convert it to electrical energy to recharge the batteries that power the lights.”

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