When installing pavers, select a color that works with the rest of your property and suits your planned use. Begin by researching the colors and tones that are available. In terms of tone, lighter ones make a space look more open and add illumination. They also don’t absorb as much sunlight, so may be preferable to install poolside. Darker tones can feel cozier and hide stains well. Multicolor pavers also hide stains, while monotone ones look modern and sleek. There’s also an argument for coordinating the color of your pavers with that of your roof. If there’s a paver color you love that doesn’t match other items, you can always change the color of the other items.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lighter tones will make an area feel more open and will illuminate shaded areas.
  • If you plan to have barbecues on your pavers, dark tones will hide stains better.
  • One idea is to match your backyard paver to the color of your roof.

“Consider factors like multiple colors vs. monotone designs, the use of color in creating interesting patterns and borders, and the overall effect created by textured and tumbled pavers.”

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