Real estate experts say that good landscaping can increase a home’s value by up to 28%. Renovating your lawn – removing weeds, brown spots, and bare patches – will boost curb appeal. Planting trees and shrubs will also improve your landscape, helping to absorb rainfall and add shade to cool your home. Native plants and trees are especially beneficial and contribute to “xeriscaping,” which conserves water and avoids pesticides. Colorful gardens and stone walkways are other ways to boost curb appeal. Additionally, you can increase your home’s value by adding landscape lighting, outdoor water features (e.g., ponds or fountains), or entertaining areas (patios or fire pits).

Key Takeaways:

  • Planting new trees and shrubs can prevent soil erosion, protect against wind damage, and provide shade to cool your home.
  • Gardens filled with beautiful flowers and blooming plants will boost curb appeal and provide environmental benefits.
  • Stone walkways and water features such as fountains and ponds will improve the landscape.

“If your lawn has lost its lush, green curb appeal, or you’re noticing weeds, brown spots, bare patches or dead grass, new turf can give your home a beautiful, refreshed appearance.”

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