If you want to make your outdoor living area more functional or attractive, consider renovating it with upgraded patio materials. Pea gravel is a nice option because it’s easy to install. It’s also fairly economical but not ideal for snowy climates. For a hard-surface patio, poured concrete is a popular option that’s easy on the budget. Brick is a classic choice, however, it cannot be painted or dyed different colors.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pea gravel is low cost, easy to install, and suitable for any shape of patio.
  • Concrete pavers are about twice as expensive as poured or stamped concrete, but they last far longer.
  • Stone is beautiful and long-lasting, but also expensive and not a good DIY project.

“Generally, patios made of concrete are not a DIY project and should be installed by a contractor.”

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