There are quite a few landscaping mistakes that will prevent you from creating a beautiful flow. In order to create a beautiful flow you need to pick out the right tree and plant it in the proper spot. You also don’t want to plant your plants and flowers too close together. Finally, when you are picking out a patio make sure you pick the correct size. Picking a patio that is too small will look poorly and be expensive to expand.

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t pick the wrong tree or plant it in the wrong spot, as you want to put them in a spot that allows for relaxation.
  • Don’t put your plants too close because they will feel trapped and so will you when you are walking near them.
  • Don’t pick the wrong size patio. You never want to get a patio that is too small because it’s expensive to make changes.

“It’s all about creating a certain type of flow and consistency, and each type of home commands its own type of landscaping as well.”

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