When you are renovating your backyard from the jungle it used to be, you can run into the problem of what do I put here? Some things to think about when you are doing renovation outside is to think about the function of the thing you are wanting to do. Another thing is to add more space vertically if you can. And the another important idea is to add some color to the lines of your backyard.

Key Takeaways:

  • When you are adding things to your space, think of the function it will have.
  • Using lines is important as it creates a pathway, so use color to make the more visible.
  • Sometimes less is more depending on that type of look you are going for.

“Defining function is one of the best ways to make an outdoor space look cohesive.”

Read more: https://www.palandscapegroup.com/10-ideas-for-a-small-backyard-renovation/