Lawn Care

Residential Lawn Care Program

Greensboro Lawn Mowing

This is one of our clients’ lawns

Lawn Mowing

We offer weekly to bi-weekly lawn mowing during the mowing season.  This service includes edging of all driveways and sidewalks along with beds and natural areas.  Also includes blowing of debris (clippings & leaves) from all hard surface areas including driveways, decks and patios.

general maintenance

We offer year round residential contracts which divides your monthly payment over the whole 12 month calendar year and gets you everything from regular lawn mowing to leaf removal, pruning of your bushes and yearly aeration and seeding.

Pine Straw or Pine Needles

We can deliver and install pine needles, also commonly referred to as pine straw, as many times a year as you need.  Typically our clients lay pine needles in twice a year:  Spring & Fall.


Pine bark mulch, shredded mulch, double shredded mulch, playground mulch, colored and dyed mulch are all a part of the what we offer under our lawn care services in Greensboro, North Carolina.   Mulch doesn’t breakdown as fast as pine needles and keeps its color longer, too.

leaf removal

Weekly leaf blowing from lawns, beds and hard surface areas.


We provide Early Spring and Fall aerations with over seeding, fertilizer and lime.

Re-seeding and over seeding

Re-seeding is the process of renovating your lawn.  When your lawn is over come with weeds it’s time give your lawn a face lift.  Every situation is different allow us to come in and assess your lawn and see what works best for you.

Over seeding is the annual process of adding additional seed to your existing lawn to help out and supplement your current healthy lawn.  We suggest doing this every year.


We offer both conventional and organic / natural fertilization year round programs.  For more information on our Organic and Natural Fertilization Program please visit our sister site at Pro Earth Organics.

Commercial Lawn Care Yearly Contracts

Year Round Commercial Maintenance Contracts

Year Round Contracts for hotels, retirement homes, local businesses and restaurants include:

Weekly Mowing

Weekly Maintenance

Fertilization Program for trees, shrubs & lawn



Bush and Tree Pruning

Fall Leaf Removal

Weekly Parking Lot Debris Removal

Snow Removal from parking lots and sidewalks.

Commercial Landscape Design