Landscape Design

Pro Earth Landscaping offers landscape design to our Greensboro customers.

We can work with your designs or we can offer suggestions that will fit any landscape and any budget. We offer a variety of landscape design services such as:  blueprints, garden design, proper plant selection, walkways, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, block walls, fire pits, Kio ponds and fountains.

This is an example of a Retaining wall and Flagstone walkway

Flagstone Walkway and Retaining Wall

In Greensboro, we have some very hilly areas. Building a backyard retaining wall can provide you with more useable space. Add in a beautiful stone patio or walkway, like we did in the picture above, and turn your backyard into a completely new space that you can use in new and fun ways.

Run Off River Bed with River Rock

A good example of working with a homeowner’s plans for landscape design.

Pictured above, is a great example of a homeowner who needed to do something with their backyard to keep the rain water and other runoff away from their home.  The water had dug a deep and ugly ravine.  We offered the idea of turning the ravine into a beautiful runoff river.  We dug the ravine wider, added river bedding, and river rock.  The homeowner was pleased with the look and the functionality of the design and execution.

Greensboro walkways backyard beautification

An example of a pebble walkway we put in for a homeowner. They didn’t want to spend the money on other types of stone work for their backyard so we came up with the perfect solution for their budget.

tiered backyard berm

A tiered backyard berm.

We love using our creativity in designing backyard landscaping. Pictured above is a tiered backyard berm.  This gave the homeowner an additional 15 feet of useable backyard space and a beautiful effect. In the springtime we will bring in different plants to fill out the berm giving it more of a pleasing visual effect. In this case we used railroad-tie style wood to give it a rustic feel the homeowner was wanting. When filled in with plants this will be spectacular.

We are budget conscious and sometimes clients want to make their yard look better without spending a ton of money on it.  Just let us know your budget and we can suggest ways to save money in your yard.

Please call to schedule one of our Certified North Carolina landscape design experts to design the perfect landscape for your lawn, garden, terrace, and more.  We are more than just landscape designers, we are also plant and tree professionals.